COVID-19 has disconnected medical professionals and patients, and made caring for patients in need of rehabilitation and treatment much more difficult.

For this reason, Homestretch is free for new customers through November 1st, 2020. We hope this helps you provide better support for your patients.

Offer custom video exercise programs to your patients as a premium service

How it works

Find your exercises quickly

Even though Homestretch has a library of over one thousand video exercises, our easy search and filtering options let you find the exercise you need right away.

Create programs

Exercise details

Find out more about each exercise

Just click on the search result link to see the full description and thumbnail set for that exercise.

Save your program

Once you’ve chosen the exercises you need for your program, just give it a name and assign reps, sets, etc. for each exercise.

Save program


Impress your patients

Your patients have a clear, easy to understand video program.

What some of our clients are saying about Homestretch

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Homestretch has been very good from the start. Patients have enjoyed every aspect of the videos: the ease of use, the quality of the videos, the compatibility (where they can use it on their iPad, their iPhone, their computer, so they can bring it to the gym with them, look at it and see what exercise they are doing), they can lay on the floor at home and view all their video clips. It’s been very useful for all of them to take care of their exercises at home instead of our old stick figure drawings that we used to do.

One of the benefits of Homestretch is that we use it as a selling point for our patients to show how we're different from other PT practices. Homestretch definitely ups the level of quality of service that we can provide for each one of our patients. And it’s a great way to educate your clients about what you are doing and it brings in an additional service that you are offering.